The Main Problems in Higher Education

When you think about higher education, it isn’t all just sugar, spice and everything nice. Like many things in our lives, higher education has its ups and downs, which we all need to be aware of. At the same time, we also need to fix it. If left unattended, that problem may become even worse, putting our entire education in danger.

College Is No Longer About Education

Most higher education institutes sell status, prestige, and lifestyle. For example, while walking on a campus college, I saw a student proudly wearing a T-shirt that said: “We’re a drinking school with a football problem.” Looking at the issue closely, we can realize in which way college is approached nowadays. Many colleges spend a lot of money on sports scholarships, social events, administration, and infrastructure. However, when it comes to professors, classrooms, and learning materials – things which will actually influence our education – the list is empty. Education thus comes in second place.

A solution to that would be to connect the teachers and students through a digital marketplace. It will be more convenient to both parties, and it will cost less. This way, students can actually learn.

4-Year Degrees Eat Up Too Much Time and Money

Generally, higher education would have to be a package of courses to deepen your knowledge you got from high school. It should not be a two-year extension of high school – or complete high school all over again. And if it were only the time; but unlike high school, you’ll have to pay for all of your classes, all of your materials, everything. It’s an expensive and time-consuming process. The average student following a 4-year degree will have a $26,000 debt in student loans by the time they will graduate. When will we finally realize that enough is enough?

A solution for that would be to make all courses optional, based on the needs of the students. General education should be removed – we already learned all of that in high school. What we need is the specialized knowledge that college should offer.

Everything in College is Linear

I don’t know if you noticed, but most universities follow a beeline when it comes to learning. You start at point A and get to point B. Just like in high school. Everything is teacher-focused instead of being student-focused, and if you want to get a degree, you need to check all of the boxes. Everything is controlled by the teachers and universities, leaving you to pay money for something that doesn’t particularly interest you or don’t understand. The only option that students have is to look for a reliable essay service such as rewarded essays to help them get through. A solution for that would be to allow self-directed learning, where the students can choose for themselves what they wish to study and how they wish to do it.


College definitely has its good sides, but they can be easily overshadowed by the bad sides. In order to make higher education a productive purchase, we need to act ourselves to fix it.